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College Project


               Each year the Eta Omega Chapter participates in a College Project.  The purpose of the College Project is to strengthen communication between Phi Theta Kappa chapters and college administrators.  This year, our College Project is a continuation of the project instilled last year.  In order to promote the history of Copiah-Lincoln Community College, we have created an Oral History.

Last year, the officer team implemented Phase 1 of planning, interviewing presidents, and writing the grant.  As a part of Phase 1, we also interviewed Dr. Hulon, and past presidents, Dr. Nettles, Dr. Garner, and Dr. Thames.  During Phase 2, we interviewed and videoed alumni, previous coaches, and former professors.  Two people we interviewed as a part of this phase are Bruce Irvin, former student and Welding Instructor, and Maddie Mae Colman, former student.  Finally, Phase 3 is the editing process of the videos which we are currently working on.  After the videos are edited we will be presenting the Oral History to the college.  This project will be vital to the history of our college since we have had the privilege to interview the past three presidents during key historical times for the college.  We are excited to present this project to the project!  We would also like to extend a big thank you to Mrs. Jordan Stephens for all of her dedication and hard work towards this goal!

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