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Honors in Action

As you all might know, we have submitted and finished our Honors in Action project. As mentioned before Honors in Action is Phi Theta Kappa’s annual project for chapters to become involved in using our hallmarks and applying them to our chapter and campus. PTK wants the project help to push chapters to “recognize and encourage scholarship in a lively exchange of ideas and develop leaders who serve their communities.” The PTK officers brainstormed long and hard this summer to figure out what we want our theme to be and bring change to in our chapter. We discussed that our chapter, campus, and community have a lack of connection between them. For this year’s Honors in Action Project, the officers decided upon the theme Power of Connections to help build the connection between the Eta Omega Chapter members, the community, and the college. Our first idea was to set up a canvas for our Eta Omega chapter members to be able to inform, connected, and offer easy communication between everyone. We post all of their points, event dates, and reminders in the canvas page to make sure our members have all the information they need. We also put together a “book race” for our chapter members to get involved while education them on the importance of communicating and connecting. The book we decided on that would best educate us was by John C. Maxwell, “Everyone Communicates Few Connect.” We established several groups to pass the book to each person of their team after one finished reading it while trying to be the first team to finish. I would like to thank all of our participants for coming together and making this activity enjoyable and a success. I also want to thank all of our members for coming together this year and really connecting with one another. We have truly made a difference this year in our chapter.

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